Thank You for Your Message!

Your message is settled into its first class seat of Cloud 9 Airlines. The take-off was on-time, smooth, and graced with a strong 57.9-knot tailwind headed to its destination of MyInbox International Airport.


After enjoying first-class amenities, landing at MyInbox International Airport, debarking the plane, your message will be greeted by our top concierge driver, Asher.


Asher will be wearing a bright red, vintage, velvet jacket and white satin gloves. He’s expertly trained as both secret service presidential security and in the caretaking skills of the lead nurse at a baby koala bear nursery.


As your message approaches the neon green, stretch, electric hybrid limo Asher will open the rearmost door (37th door from the front) on the right side with his white satin gloves for your message to enter the limo.


Your message will then be swept off its feet in the world’s fastest and smoothest ride known to electronic message travel, and be brought directly to me where I’ll read it, intentionally, with a focus only practiced by rocket scientist conducting experiments on an all-natural, organic, lemon flavored serum that rids the human race from all diseases.  


Then I’ll reply quickly and intentionally because you deserve full, undivided attention.


Have a fantastic day!




- Josh